Concierge Services

Global HealthQuest has established a network of highly experienced and professional travel and medical service providers in Canada, The Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico and Thailand.

The following is a complete list of services included in our Membership Package. You simply choose the services you desire, and Global HealthQuest will make the necessary arrangements.

  • Air Travel
    At Global HealthQuest, we ensure reasonable round-trip airfare, special attention to disability-related travel arrangements, and continuity of service by having members of our travel team and our partners available to you in the destination countries.
  • Lodging & Accommodations
    At Global HealthQuest, we ensure that your accommodations are clean, comfortable, safe, affordable, and close to your doctor/hospital.
  • Travel Insurance
    At Global HealthQuest, we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance prior to any medical travel. Options include: Medical Travel Insurance, Medical Complications Insurance, Malpractice Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Cancellation Insurance, and Baggage Insurance.
  • Passport Assistance
    In preparation for your medical travel, Global HealthQuest can assist you in obtaining your passport. It is important that you allow enough time for your application to be processed by the appropriate authorities.
  • Assistant
    From your arrival in your destination country to your departure back home, you will have access to an English-speaking Assistant who will help you navigate through a busy airport, check into your home away from home, arrange for transportation to and from medical appointments, facilitate communication during appointments with your doctor, communicate with family members on the day of your procedure and, if necessary, throughout your recuperation, etc.
  • Attendant Services
    If necessary, Global HealthQuest will make every attempt to arrange an attendant to provide personal care and attention while you are travelling. Your attendant will be fully trained and qualified to assist you with any basic medical or personal needs that you may require assistance for such as checking blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar levels, assisting with physical therapy, therapeutic massage, monitoring health equipment and assisting with personal hygiene.
  • Leisure Activities
    While in your destination country, you may wish to do some shopping or take in some historical and cultural sites. Prior to your departure, Global HealthQuest will help you identify leisure activities that are of interest to you. Following your medical procedure/treatment, when you and your doctor decide that you are ready for some activities, just let us know. We will make the necessary arrangements… all you need to do is show up and enjoy!
  • Traveller Communication
    At Global HealthQuest, we understand that you will want to communicate with family and friends at home throughout your stay. You will be given a calling card upon arrival and have access to cybercafés and Skype wherever possible.