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Global HealthQuest | Our Wellness Philosophy

"Healing is a matter of time but it's sometimes also a matter of opportunity"
- Hippocrates

Your health and wellness is no doubt the most important thing in your life. People have been known to give everything they own just to feel better or to be cured of an illness. This is because without your health, you cannot enjoy all that life has to offer; it is the basis for everything that is enjoyable in life. It is upon this fundamental premise that we at Global HealthQuest believe your health and wellness is too important to not have choices and opportunities. We believe you should have access to global healthcare. This is what Medical Tourism is about.

There are many reasons to consider travelling abroad for medical treatments, or for rehabilitation or general wellness programs. Among the most important reasons is that regardless of where you live, not all of the best services are available to you, and not all of the services available to you are readily accessible or affordable.

Global HealthQuest devotes a lot of time and research to bring you an opportunity that no other generation before you enjoyed, the opportunity to explore health and wellness alternatives worldwide and locate the one that best meets your personal needs. Please explore the opportunities listed in our site, or contact us to arrange a confidential consultation to assess your needs and discuss a customized solution.

International Medical Facilities

International Medical Facilities

Your health and our reputation are our highest priorities. Global HealthQuest conducts a rigorous screening process to ensure all approved medical treatments and facilities are of a high quality standard. View our list of approved programs and facilities. Contact us for more information or to inquire about your specific needs. All of our medical treatment programs include a host of complementary services.

La Pradera

La Pradera & Global HealthQuest

Global HealthQuest is the official representative of La Pradera, a unique healthcare facility in Havana, Cuba. Experience a resort-like stay with your loved ones while receiving a variety of treatments... Learn more

Wellness Sanctuaries

Wellness Sanctuaries

There are so many roads to wellness, and every one of our approved facilities offers its own unique experience. Learn more about our approved wellness sanctuaries or Inquire about your own unique desires. Whichever the case, don’t put it off any longer. You deserve a break.